What are the advantages of social media?

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You reach large audiences. ...
You have a direct connection with your audience. ...
You can create organic content. ...
You have access to paid advertising services. ...
You build your brand. ...
You drive traffic to your website. ...
You can evaluate your performan

Social media is an excellent opportunity for you to grow your business.


Here are seven benefits of using social media marketing.


1. You reach large audiences

There are millions of people using social media platforms. It’s a great opportunity for your business to reach a large pool of people that are interested in your products or services.


According to Pew Research Center, these are the percentages of U.S. adults that use social media sites online or on mobile:


YouTube: 73%

Facebook: 68%

Instagram: 35%

Pinterest: 29%

Snapchat: 27%

LinkedIn: 25%

Twitter: 24%

U.S. adults use many of these sites, which creates great opportunities for your business to reach leads. You have numerous opportunities to reach leads and can engage them on these different platforms.




The ability to reach large audiences is a huge advantage of social media. It opens the door for your business to find more leads that want your products or services.


A coffee shop in Washington, D.C., for instance, could use social media to reach locals and tourists. They could target users within a certain radius or location when creating social ads or boosting organic posts. Both these strategies could help bring foot traffic to the shop.